I love working with iconography, landscapes, music, and how puzzle pieces fit into a game's aesthetic. Below you will see some prototype screenshots on a game concept I briefly worked on. 
Voxel stylized miniature three dimensional city modeled in conjunction between Blender, Maya, and MagickaVoxel.  Stylized by using glass effects, heavy usage of refraction, and rendered using a line based setting for a more 'cel shaded' look. One of the central themes in most of my work is neon, Cyber punk, and themes of pink and blue. 
SIGMA from Overwatch 
Sigma was a pet project of mine when I started playing Overwatch. Yes, I know. I was really late to the game. Either way, this project was one of the first where I spent time getting composition, floating objects, and realistic rendering just right. I also used different variations of techniques too, so that he resembles his in game model. 
USG Ishimura
Nintendo Oasis
Random Voxel Creations

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