Echoes of the Holograph is a novella I wrote over the course of 2018 and 2019. The book follows the journey of multiple video game and comic book-inspired characters into one intertwined narrative over the course of it's 24,000-word length. The book features a superhero-type protagonist that struggles with the concept of time, responsibility, and loss. His narrative is correlative to various other characters told in 6 other short stories, who all have a branching narrative parallel to his own. The book juggles ideas of family, personal relationships, and personal responsibility. 

The Cover of Echoes of the Holograph

Echoes was an exercise in narration and storytelling for me. It was exciting to work with fellow artist Coleton Palmer in bringing the characters to life, as seen above and below. Writing a novella inspired by games and comic books was a conduit for learning games narrative, storytelling, editing, and marketing. It gave me the means to create characters, worlds, and an interwoven story. The book is currently out on Amazon publication, Kindle, and various other outlets, which you can peruse below. Besides that, It was extremely important for me to have the reader have some visualizations of the characters for the readers to actually see, and I believe these illustrations sell the story very well.
There's also an ongoing Echoes of the Holograph audio book, available now for free on Spotify. 

Some concept ART drafts for the characters in Echoes below.

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