I produced my first single in early 2019 entitled 'Cyber Horizon', which is a synth wave, glitch track with lots of energy and evokes a tone of melancholy. My music is posted on Soundcloud, where you will find my singles, mixes, and various remixes. My inspirations for audio creation are various Monstercat artists, Virtual Riot, and basically any artist featured on the Rocket League compilations. 

Cyber Horizon - Holografic (Released)

ZHU + Lana Del Rey - Holografic Remix (Unreleased)

Distance - Self Produced (Unreleased)

Eiffel 65 - Holografic Remix (Unreleased)

Raptor Arcade - Holografic (Unreleased)

Artwork for some Holografic Projects above.
Also, if my portfolio were to have any Easter Eggs, I suppose the track below would be one. Just a simple chip tune track that I imagine would play in some underground cavern with some cute sprites.

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